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GYCO Verein

Hernalser Hauptstrasse 72-74

1170 Vienna,



Phone: +43 677 62710370

Louise Deininger

Founder and Initiator of GYCO

Vienna-based conceptual artist created the idea for GYCO in 2016. Since then, she worked tirelessly – together with local development experts and affected youth in , Northern Uganda, and a dedicated team of professionals in Vienna, Austria – to realise her vision.

Transforming the mindset of young people and breaking the vicious cycle of economic dependency,cultural decline and collective trauma.

Building an empowered youth for a more sustainable, positive and peaceful society.

Contact: louisedeininger [at]

Raimund Deininger

Co-founder of GYCO

As an art collector and consultant, Raimund has been working in the contemporary art scene in Vienna for more than two decades. Louise and Raimund founded GYCO as a platform to pool together resources to create lasting change for marginalised youth in post-conflict societies.

Contact: raimund.deininger [at]

Dr Paul T. Yillia

 Co-founder and Treasurer for GYCO

As a policy specialist for sustainable energy, Paul has worked globally on implementing the UN's sustainable development goals advising national governments and policy-makers. Together with Louise and Raimund, he is one of the three founding partners of GYCO and also serves as a treasurer for the association.


Moritz Simons – GYCO logo design

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