DNA of War – by Louise Deininger

In the summer of 2016, Louise Deininger headed to Northern Uganda and neighbouring Rwanda where, in 1995, a genocide of unfathomable dimensions took place. She went on a quest to understand and witness, listen and record, the deep scars of the past bleeding into the present now. The people she interviewed ranged from perpetrators including former child soldiers, to genocide survivors and refugees – all victims in their own right of a gruesome history.

DNA of War forms the very first part of a 12-piece series centred around the youth of post-conflict societies, too often forgotten as they live through the aftermath of war.

The film also created the foundation and purpose for GYCO. With profound humility and dedicated hard work, Louise aims to engage disaffected young Ugandans, inspire and empower their minds, and help transform whole communities by unlocking the potential of their youth.



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GYCO Global Youth Conference 

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