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GYCO Association 

GYCO Association focuses on African youth who have been affected by traumatic events of armed conflict.

These young people, often born in the aftermath of such conflicts, grew up in an environment overshadowed by violence and destruction of the past.


Living in precarious societal conditions with insecure livelihoods, young people frequently drop out of school or enter into early marriages. They suffer from drug and alcohol abuse, betting and other vices.

GYCO empowers African youth by partnering with a diverse range of stakeholders including governments, NGOs and established local youth centers. Through transformation conferences inviting world-renowned motivational speakers, and capacity-building work-shops, we aim to unlock the full potential of these young adults.


Our Vision

By building a broad network of local youth organisations, government agencies and other key stakeholders, GYCO works together with African youth from post-conflict societies to develop and strengthen their diverse individual and collective interests.


Our vision is to unlock the full potential of these young adults by working on the mindset.


Our Mission 

With our cooperating partners, we organise transformational conferences and workshops through which youth is encouraged to voice and advance their social, economic and political interests, as well as recognise available opportunities towards their development, growth and success.


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Hernalser Hauptstrasse  72/74

117o Vienna


Email: guyco.office@gmail.com

Phone: +43 677 62710370

President &

Founder of GYCO


Louise Deininger

Vienna-based conceptual artist Louise created the idea for GYCO after filming DNA of War. Since then, she worked tirelessly – together with local development experts and affected youth in Gulu, Northern Uganda, and a dedicated team of professionals in Vienna, Austria – to realise her vision.

Transforming the mindset of young people and breaking the vicious cycle of economic dependency and cultural decline through self development.

Building an empowered youth for a more sustainable, positive and peaceful society.

Our Objectives

Strengthening knowledge and understanding of youth related issues in order to better identify and address current challenges, and promote youth development.

Creating tangible opportunities for personal and professional growth, including targeted capacity-building programs and education initiatives.


Transforming the mindset of young adults in post-conflict societies, thereby building a self-empowered and proactive youth.

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GYCO Global Youth Conference

Our first project shall focus on post-conflict region of Northern Uganda, with large-scale conferences for youth empowerment.


In August 2017 GYCO held an unprecedented event with more than 500 participants mainly youth at the Bomah Hotel Gulu town, hosting world-renowned motivational speakers which included Nobel Prize Nominee Victor Ochen,CEO Media Mogul Arinaitwe Rugendo,East African Assembly Speaker Hon.Dan Kidega,Area Members of Parliament Hon.Betty Ocan,Hon Lucy Akello among other dignitaries  addressed the local population laying the foundation for a self-empowering, active and engaged youth.

In addition, a number of capacity-building workshops and skills trainings were carried out by our Partners DCP-KENYA,AIESEC-UGANDA and ELCO Group in tandem to the conference, in which local GYCO youth leaders were able to collaborate developing needs assessments and worked towards finding elegant  solutions for the local communities.

Lastly, a youth fare also took place hosting a wide-range of interested businesses, education initiatives, and other local development partners with the  aim of  offering  tangible opportunities for both personal and professional development and growth of Northern Uganda youth.

GYCO Global Youth Conference shall continue to set a paradigm-shift in motion, whereby marginalised and disillusioned young people come to realise their full potential and aspire towards greater opportunities. This, in turn, shall effectively contribute to the peacebuilding process, strengthening the foundations and future of a still fragile post-conflict society.

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